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Dear Pioneer Credit Union board members,                                              9-17-15

I would like to take the time to let you know what a blessing it is to have a credit union with its customers best interest at heart.                                                            We found ourselves in a very difficult situation this past year. We had refinanced our mortgage in 2007. It was a great deal, and was too good to be true. Not long after that our loan was sold not once but twice to other mortgage companies. Our interest-rate continued to climb, as did our payments. And our balance almost never changing. Then in April 2012 my husband had to take 4weeks off work due to an emergency surgery. I called our mortgage company at the time and asked for a two-week deferment on the payment, having it be due on the 15th instead of the first. They said that was no problem, and so that is what we did for that month. Little did we know from that day forward, the mortgage company would be reporting our payment late each month even though the payment was automatically withdrawn through our checking account on the first each month thereafter. It became such a horrible mess! We didn’t even realize this was happening for almost two years! Upon realizing this, We approached Tonya with our dilemma. It took a while, we had to jump through some hoops, and lots of red tape, however we now are able to port our mortgage through pioneer community federal credit union through centennial lending. What a relief to know that now we are able to turn our credit around, and our mortgage will never be sold to another bank! This is a most valuable service which we will be forever grateful.


Your most satisfied customer